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Half Doors

Half Doors

In motorsport half doors help to improve aerodynamics and prevent turbulence in the cockpit. Half doors fit with or without roll bar. For everyday use, you can use these half doors instead of your normal doors. This allows you to experience the unique feeling of freedom, but also protected from annoying turbulence in the interior and against dirt and water from the front wheels. In addition, these half doors passive safety increase enormously, because in an accident, the arm can no longer side of the vehicle be thrown. The designation door but actually wrong. Coverage would be the correct term, because the doors are attached using press studs, screws or nuts and collection or using Velcro straps. You can not open the doors so.

Please note : All of our products are hand-made per order. Due to this process, it may from part to part to minor changes as slight, barely detectable irregularities (distortion / bulges in the tissue, minor scratches, etc ....) To come.

We understand that you, as an avid enthusiast buy our products, as you admire the uniqueness of each handmade product that we sell. Simultaneously us but is very keen to ensure that this is properly understood, since each piece is handmade. Details are not as properly as with machine-made and inconsistencies in the design could also occur.

Price: 186.00

(155.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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