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Air Intake (Ram Air)

Air Intake (Ram Air)
Air Intake (Ram Air) - view 1Air Intake (Ram Air) - view 2

If motorcycles cooler airstream for improved performance led to the intake, one speaks of "Ram Air". Our "Ram Air" provides cool air in the engine compartment or suction and is available in the weave twill (2x2). Mounting is via chassis glue, rivets or screws. The assembly can be both on the left and the right side done length 200 mm, height 95 mm, depth 85 mm.

Please note : All of our products are hand-made per order. Due to this process, it may from part to part to minor changes as slight, barely detectable irregularities (distortion / bulges in the tissue, minor scratches, etc ....) To come.

We understand that you, as an avid enthusiast buy our products, as you admire the uniqueness of each handmade product that we sell. Simultaneously us but is very keen to ensure that this is properly understood, since each piece is handmade. Details are not as properly as with machine-made and inconsistencies in the design could also occur.

Price: 228.00

(190.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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